Retreat in Daily Life

What is a “Retreat in Daily Life?”

A “retreat in daily life” means setting aside time for prayer and spiritual direction, within the ordinary round of our lives.  The process may unfold over a few weeks, depending on the chosen theme. While living and working in our usual environment, we also commit to

  • daily prayer, about an hour, more or less. (Decided according to situation and desire.)
  • a weekly conversation with a spiritual director.

We may desire to slow down and spend time with God, yet are not always able to get away to to do so. Making a retreat in our usual context is perfect for this circumstance. During a retreat in daily life, we cover the same prayer exercises and content of a live-in retreat. However, there is a different structure and longer time line.

Prepared material, such as The First Spiritual Exercises, provide a good framework for making a retreat in daily life. 

Demonstrate prayer posture of open hands

Creating a place to pray

Wondering where to pray if making the retreat from home? Creating a place for prayer, set apart solely for that purpose, may be easier than you think. With a little thoughtful preparation and letting your creative juices flow, you could create a dedicated sacred space. Check out the blog post How to Make a Prayer Space at Home.

“The farther the outward journey takes you,

the deeper the inward journey must be.

Only when your roots are deep

can your fruits be abundant.”


Henri Nouwen, The Inner Voice of Love.

Ordinary things shine out


One of the blessings of making a retreat in daily life, is that ALL aspects of our day become included in our prayer.

Things we usually ignore or take for granted seem to shine out. Sometimes what seems ordinary becomes important and gains a new perspective due to it arising in our awareness.

For example, we may have a heigthened awareness of the natural world in which we live.


The timing of a retreat in daily life

The timing of your retreat is completely up to you and your individual circumstances.  Flexibility is easy with this style of retreat.  Negotiate with your spiritual director, Elizabeth, about dates and timing. Start at a time to suit you.

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