Live-in Retreat

Cosy private retreat centre (for one!) in suburban Melbourne

Tired and Jaded

As a spiritual leader, you are always busy, talking to others, listening, and responding to the needs of the lives around you. It’s becoming overwhelming, and you notice yourself wanting to withdraw.

Sometimes you even find the advice you give others to slow down and step back from the intensity is the very advice you need to take for yourself.

You’ve hit a wall and are recognizing you need some quiet, to be physically away from home, work, and external stimulation. You need spiritual food.

Church has left you feeling more disconnected.  You want community but it feels like a desert. You long for depth and mystery in your conversations instead of a cut and dried version of God.

And while you long to be alone, it makes you nervous to consider dropping into the supportive depths of a retreat and getting comfortable in the mystery of God.

You are done feeling tired and jaded.  You just need time to focus on your spiritual life and not be distracted by the noise of everything else demanding your attention.


Portrait Elizabeth Delbridge

Reconnect to inner wisdom on retreat

My name is Elizabeth Delbridge and I accompany tired leaders as they access their spiritual depths to be fruitful for the long haul.

I offer a self-contained restful studio retreat room, together with a private courtyard in suburban Melbourne. This intentional physical space, together with my spiritual direction and personalized daily prayer resources, create a compassionate container to bask in the presence of God.

Attentive listening allows me to witness the mystery and promise of your personhood as well as to notice your inner wisdom.

Supporting you as you sift through issues can bring clarity about practical implications.  Retreatants say that the themes that emerge for them, although sometimes unexpected, are spot on for how their life is unfolding.

People report arriving feeling heavy and disconnected yet when they leave feeling light-hearted and reconnected.  They also tell me that they like coming back – that the room feels like a home away from home and becomes an oasis of renewal.

Reflective Collage offers ongoing nurture


A special feature of this Melbourne retreat centre, is the creative opportunity to make a reflective collage.  The collage is a tangible, visual representation of the desires and hopes that arise.

Collage from Retreat in Melbourne

Sensing new things emerging yet cannot put them into words?  Reflective collage (no experience necessary) is a creative response that integrates our prayer experience. Collage can create a visual “word from God” that speaks into our life situation.

People report that taking home the collage, it continues to nurure and feed them, by drawing them back into the retreat expeirence, to their connection to God.

Retreat in Melbourne:  All you need to know

A timely personal retreat can offer you the spiritual refreshment that you seek.

To see whether this Melbourne retreat location will suit you, read the information below.  Check out the comfortable calm room, the location near parkland, the prayer spaces, the catering and of course, the length of time and costing for your retreat.

Retreat Room Details

A comfortable light filled studio (5.1 X 3.5 metres) with Queen bed, armchairs, desk/table and cooking facilities, is awaiting you. Decorated in soothing blues, this is a calm retreat room in a quiet street.

Complete privacy is ensured with your own personal bathroom, courtyard and entrance.  Read the “Retreat Room PDF” here.

Places to pray

A dedicated corner offers a focus area for prayer. Flowers, together with a cross and icon create a prayerful tone. You might like to bring your own focus items or add “found objects” from your wanderings along the Darebin Creek Trail (only six minute walk to the entrance.)

Or you can head outdoors, to the private courtyard or the Darebin Creek to find a contemplative “sit spot.” Also, the nearest church is an easy 10 minute walk away.  Read the “Places to Pray PDF” here.

Your Own Menu

Self catering gives you complete control – you are not dependent on the chef’s choices.  Choosing your own menu is especially important for those with dietary requirements.

A variety of kitchen appliances including make self catering easy.  A small fridge with separate freezer means you can bring your own fresh and frozen food.

Create your own combination of prepared and fresh meals to suit your inclinations.  Read the “Self Catering PDF” here.

The Neighbourhood

Situated in Heidelberg West, Melbourne, Sustaining Spirit Space is conveniently located near shops and amenities. Importantly, it is only one block back from the Darebin Creek. Therefore you have easy access to bush land and walking tracks for your enjoyment.

We experience this as a quiet, friendly and safe street.  Read the “Neighbourhood PDF” here.

Planning Dates and Costs

Make your retreat as long you can with the time you have available.  Trust that what time you give to it will be enough – when you show up, God shows up.

Some common retreat lengths are 3 days, 5 days and 8 days.  Read the “Planning your Retreat PDF” for the costs of retreats of varying lengths.


I just really like this place – very comfortable bed, stylish furnishings and space, good amenities, very smart private bathroom.  It just felt so welcoming, comfortable, and quiet.


Elizabeth’s place is amazing with so many provisions: super comfortable chairs and bed, quietness so I slept so well, complete privacy, a superb bathroom, everything you need for breakfast and refreshments, looking out to a lovely garden area.  So special and convenient. And it’s easy to find being just off Bell St.


make the dream a reality

If you are ready to step out of the daily grind and stop letting the noise of external demands shape your life, then contact me for a free 20 minute conversation about how a timely retreat can offer you the spiritual refreshment you seek.  

The retreat centre (for one!) is located in Heidelberg West, Melbourne.