I accompany leaders as they source their spiritual depths to be fruitful for the long haul.


Elizabeth Delbridge

Where can I safely explore my spiritual life?

Does any of the following ring true for you?

You feel flustered by the change’s life is throwing at you.  Work responsibilities, navigating illness in the family (yours or others) – so many things to deal with that you are feeling tired of dealing with it all.  In addition, you are not sure where “you” are in the middle of this.

Your valued spiritual practices no longer offer the solace they once did.   And where you can safely talk deeply about your inner life, you wonder?  You certainly do not want people feeling sorry for you or giving you advice.   To be honest, you are not even sure how to begin.

Above all, you need a guide who has walked a similar path, who can help you depth your experience and tap into your inner wisdom.

Portrait Elizabeth Delbridge About

Introducing Elizabeth Delbridge

My name is Elizabeth Delbridge, and I am a spiritual director, trained also in social work and ordained as an Anglican priest.  Importantly, I have lived through my share of life upheavals so can support you in finding your way through seasons of uncertainty.

I offer a safe place where things can be said that you may not want to say elsewhere.  Be heard and supported for who you are.  Also,begin to see your life more clearly.  Soon discover the next small step to take.  In time, develop your deep spiritual expression.  As a result, be uplifted by daily awareness of Spirit.

“Those who trust in the Lord . . . 

They shall be like a tree planted by water, 

sending out its roots by the stream. 

It shall not fear when heat comes, 

and its leaves shall stay green; 

in the year of drought, it is not anxious, 

and it does not cease to bear fruit.” 

Jeremiah 17.7-8

Roots Running Deep

My heart leapt when I came across these words, as a teenager.

I knew the tree was a symbol for my soul.  Like that tree, my roots were running deep, drinking up the life-giving water of the Spirit.

With relief I realised that I would be able to withstand the rigours of heat and drought because my roots were deep.

Since then, I have experienced “heat and drought” in various ways; deaths of loved ones, retrenchment, moving house numerous times, life transitions, leadership, illness to name a few.

Consequently, in the midst of the challenges, I have continued to “trust in the Lord,” albeit expressed in different forms and language over the ages and stages of my life.

Over this time, people have sought me out, finding a safe place of refuge and renewal while they strengthen their own deep roots.

Elizabeth Delbridge

Elizabeth’s Values

The values that matter to me and guide my life and work:


The witness is someone who sees.  The witness within us sees us for who we are and observes in wisdom and compassion.  Personally, when bogged down, I cannot see through the eyes of my own witness, so I ask another to witness for me.  As a spiritual director when I am witness to you, I listen for movements of the Spirit and reflect what I see back to you.


Wisdom arises with reflection on interior felt knowledge and lived experience.  It is transformational, rather than informational.  Wisdom is curious, not just for knowledge, but for discernment towards decisions that are life giving.  Observing what is, wisdom then gently re-configures the parts to create a new whole.  I am looking for the wisdom within you.


Progress is made by patiently putting one foot in front of the other and allowing the footpath to emerge in front of you.  Personal growth has its own momentum that cannot be hurried yet can be nurtured.  Like a seed being sown in the ground, so too can you grow more fully into yourself.

What I Bring to the conversation…

Inspired by Scripture

Reflection on Scripture

How might the story of your life rub against the story of scripture?  Read and reflect on the biblical text transformationally.

Open hands in Meditation


Amidst the rush and noise, finding the spaciousness of silence opens us to the “yes” of life.  Silence leads to a heightened awareness, both outwardly and inwardly.

Nature, Creation


What place does nature have in your life?  Is nature merely   a backdrop or essential for your well-being? Explore how your creatureliness can be expressed in creation.

Elizabeth Delbridge


Ever considered a walking meditation?  Walking the Labyrinth is a metaphor for the sacred path that every seeker traces through their life.

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Finding words to describe your inner spiritual experience can be difficult.  Metaphor is the language of the soul, using the visible to express the invisible.

Saint Ignatius

Ignatian Spirituality

Spiritual freedom is the goal of the Spiritual Exercises.  Ignatian practices, like the awareness examen, can have a transformational effect.


Reflective Collage

Sensing new things emerging yet cannot put them into words?  Reflective collage is a creative response that integrates our prayer experience. Collage can create a visual “word from God” that speaks into our life situation.

Tangled String

Trauma Informed Approach

It can be hard to unravel the knotty parts of our lives, specially related to trauma.  By adopting a trauma-informed approach I create a safe place to listen deeply and move toward healing.

Enneagram Symbol

Enneagram Typology

When curious about your behaviour, you may find learning about your enneagram typology illuminating and liberating.  Mapping the soul with the enneagram can encourage spiritual growth.

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