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I accompany leaders as they source their spiritual depths

to be fruitful for the long haul.

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Wondering about spiritual direction?

Curious about what might sustain your spirit space?

Does any of the following ring true for you?

You feel flustered by all the changes life is throwing at you.
Also, you feel tired of dealing with things – work responsibilities, navigating illness in the family (yours or others.)

Above all, you are not sure where “you” are in the middle of all this.
Your valued spiritual practices no longer offer the solace they once did.

You feel and/or think deeply and wonder where you can safely talk about your inner life. You certainly don’t want people feeling sorry for you or giving you advice. To be honest, you are not even sure how to begin.

Services from Sustaining Spirit Space

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction

Keeping the water up to your plants in the heat of summer offers a metaphor to understand spiritual direction.  Likewise, people can come feeling wilted and reconnect to the spring of life-giving water residing within them.

Spiritual Direction

The Spiritual Exercises

Ignatius maintains that just as walking or running are bodily exercises, so too we need spiritual exercises.  Hence, gaining strength with spiritual exercises allows the soul to find spiritual freedom.

Spiritual Direction

Live-in Retreat room

Slow down and make some space to listen to the “still, small voice” within.  Importantly, Sustaining Spirit Space offers a calm, distraction free, place for your next retreat.

Spiritual Direction

Pastoral Supervision

Find support amid the challenges and joys of pastoral ministry, to keep the main thing as the main thing.  Clarify your ministry purpose to enliven your daily work.

Portrait Elizabeth Delbridge

Hi, I’m Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth Delbridge, and I am a trained spiritual director. Also, I am founder of Sustaining Spirit Space.

Importantly, I have lived through my share of life upheavals, so can support you through seasons of uncertainty.

At Sustaining Spirit Space, I offer a safe place where things can be said, that you may not want to say elsewhere. Be heard and supported for who you are.

Find the encouragement and understanding you seek. Begin to see the territory of your life more clearly. Discover the next small step to take.

Develop and voice your deep spiritual expression. Be uplifted by daily awareness of connection to Spirit. Welcome a growing sense of hope.

“Elizabeth offers deep listening.  I know that whatever I may bring I will be securely held in the sacred space she creates.  I always leave with a deeper understanding of my life story and gratitude for what has been shared.”


“An easy person to trust.”


Curious to learn more?

Contact me today to book a free 20 minute spiritual direction phone conversation.
Together we can explore what spiritual direction could offer you.
If I am not the best fit for you, I can connect you to other spiritual directors.

Spiritual direction is offered by Sustaining Spirit Space, in person from Heidelberg, Melbourne, or online.